Murky matters

So it has recently been discovered that so called ‘Dark Matter’ might just be something else known as ‘Pion’ which was discovered in 1930.
What a disappointment for a writer! Something known only as dark matter which also happened to be tantalisingly elusive, could be put to all manner of uses in science fiction. For myself it was once gong to be the fuel used to fly between systems. Oh yes I know it was unlikely to work in real life, but I felt the need to have some explanation as to how we were going to get round the minor matter of flying faster than the speed of light.  Of course warp drive is surely the supreme of fictional ideas in this field, as so ably demonstrated in the Star Trek films and television series, however to simply use a variation on this theme seemed to be somehow cheating.

This was a problem for me as I found it hard to write a story without some suggestion of how my alien was going to arrive. As he is located in our time I felt sure that as soon as he announced himself to the authorities he would be dismissed on the grounds that you can’t travel faster than the speed of light. Of course in fiction we are invited to suspend our disbelief but I felt needed a framework on which to hang it.
But now dark matter may be less murky so it is some relief that I have a new idea for my framework which I quite prefer.


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