Coincidences can and do happen

Reading the interesting blog of Glittering Scrivener   this week brought back a memory I thought I’d share with you.

A few years ago I was invited with two colleagues to pitch an idea for a children’s television series to a prestigious company who would be able to make it happen.

We did our research and created an original television series that was both entertaining and educational and furthermore had nothing like it, at least in the UK market place.

Come the day we travelled up to London to visit the company offices and spent half an hour first on small talk then general conversation  and witty banter.  After approximately an hour together we then made our pitch and presented our portfolio.  Our faces deflated like burst balloons as it was explained that such a series almost identical in manner, was already in production and had a well known television personality on board.  Did we have anything else?

Well no we didn’t, we thought one good original idea worked out in detail would be sufficient, it just didn’t occur to us that someone else would have had the same idea at the same time. When you think about it  though there are only so many ideas and a limited amount of ways to express them.   In retrospect our inexperience and naivety let us down, a difficult lesson to learn when you are given that sort of opportunity.

The series that beat us to the prize did appear on television with the well known personality in place but only ran for one series.  I still like to think that we had the better creation but frankly it is always possible that your brilliant idea is also surfacing in someone else’s mind.

For me the lesson I learnt is to always have a Plan b.  We had them in the palms of our hands… right up until the pitch.


One thought on “Coincidences can and do happen

  1. I wish I could jump to Plan Z. I can barely finish Plan A of my novel and it looks like if I’m going to finish that, all the characters are going to have to die and the world must end. Otherwise, this could go on forever… As far as the pitch people: Ahhhh argh, what do children know about producing a children’s program. And isn’t “pitch” a kind of sticky black tar that used to trap ancient animals and preserve them. Was it the “La Brea Tar Pits” where they found bone from extinct creatures? Hmm tar. Do children like to pave roads or catch “Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby”?

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