About Scribbles Freely

Why do I call myself Scribbles Freely?    I have always written stories by editing as I go along.  I always ended up with half a perfectly written book and a strong desire to fling it to the bottom of the nearest well.  So I guess you can say this method did not work for me.  My characters ended up in circumstances they had no place being and along the way I’d change genres and much else besides.  About six months ago I read that you should not over analyse the first draft and just enjoy the process of going along with the basic story.  Now I’d heard this before and dismissed it, I knew how hard it was not to edit when using a computer.  However on this occasion I decided I’d give it a try, and what’s more I’d write out the basic story in long hand first to make any desire to edit obsolete.  Well I’ve started the story and so far it’s working.

The second reason I call myself Scribbles Freely is to acknowledge my amazing luck at living in a part of the world where I can write what I like.


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